6 Reasons Why Men Should Find Very Younger Women Irresistible


They still exhibit the outward signs of being a teenager, like acting immature or sometimes being impulsive. But inwardly, they’re full of life, full of energy, and very aphrodisiac.

The sex.

Younger women are more comfortable with their sexuality, very aware of it, and definitely more able to show it than older women. Their very presence in the bedroom is like a magic flame, almost impossible to resist. Also, if you get lucky….

Her weight.

Often they are a few pounds lighter than their older counterparts, which makes them a happier, more relaxed companion. Now, I’m NOT talking about having a hot 20 year old in bed, but a 30 year old nymphomaniac. Very adventurous.

The killer look.

There are 12 main colors that women can choose from when wearing clothing, but only nine are essential: black, brown, green, orange, red, white, gray, blue and green. During the wearing of clothes women often wear false eyelashes, Curls, tattoos all to create a certain look. But the real word is probably boldness. bigger ears, smaller nose, big smile, bold lip ring or just a plain killer grin. Why do we women smile? Well, to make themselves look twice as friendly. It’s a social good-off.

Needless to say, who doesn’t enjoy a man with a killer look.

Younger women are often better behaved.

They have not worn the makeup of many women, and less of the heavy makeup that made them look older women. So they often come off as clean and bright. A young woman is more likely a stay at home mom, a housewife, and therefore more low maintenance. She is not likely to be a high maintenance diva. So she is likely to be burned out to men with whom she comes in contact, either on a work or personal level.

But on the flip side, the hotter that woman is the more chances there are that she is going to treat you bad. So you see, it’s not so much what you say to a woman, it’s how you say it and how soon you say it.

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been listening to older women bitch and moan about a younger women coming onto them. These women usually mean well, but the obsession to have a younger man comes from an inner need to be admired in some way.

As an older man, I have the advantage of being in the scene much more, and can say that I really have a full life. How can I complain! Well, let me indulge you for once…

To be more young attractive to women, you have to embrace the role of the pimp figure, the cougar.

That means spending a lot of money on them – which is a form of buying them, a part of their youth, freedom from responsibility, lots of sexual experience because young women have no country life pangs, no child support to pay for Start buying them expensive gifts, drugs, vacations

…but also giving them an escape from their reality.

For you to save your money, you have to adopt the role of the pimp figure and make all necessary adjustments in your behavior. That means treating them like Sex Goddesses from distance. But you need to be extremely subtle about it, so that they just misconstrue you as a mean person. You can try first with an escort. She will give you all the power a man need to and a refresh for a new start in looking for a date. Try once with one of the prettiest girl on http://sugardaddy.de/ 

Here’s a secret about helping them forget their marbles, or whatever their marbles are, fast food chains.

Guys, if a woman invites you to her hot spot for dinner, stay away, it’s either she’s extremely horny, or she has an addictive personality.

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