Tokyo, a Paradise for Entrepreneurs

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Starting a business in Japan is an excellent idea due to the fact that this country has a great economy and there are some facilities that any entrepreneur will absolutely love. In our opinion, Tokyo is without a doubt a paradise for entrepreneurs and we will show you in this article why we believe that.

Social media advertising is very different in this city than in others, and the good news is that plenty of Japanese companies still don’t know how to use it properly. This means that you can actually compete with the biggest of them in case you have very strong messaging and content marketing on these platforms.

This city is like a well-oiled machine. In case you are an advocate for efficiency then you could not make a better choice than Tokyo. The subways run on time and the infrastructure metabolism is without a doubt a lot higher than the world’s average. Furthermore, Tokyo employs not only the latest but the greatest in technology as well, in order to ensure everything runs faster, cleaner, and also more effective than any other place in the world.

In Europe, Brazil, or the US, many complain about not arriving on time to a business meeting, which is certainly not the case when it comes to this metropolis. Here, everyone actually arrives early and also have to obey the proper customs in order to make sure that the host is not annoyed. This is a very important detail that matters a lot for anyone who plans to set up a business. If you decide to move to Tokyo alone and start a business, then we suggest you find an escort. A girl like this will not offer you only company but it can also accompany you to your meetings and show you the city. There are many escort agencies and you can choose any of them you want as long as it offers exactly what you need.

The ever-growing economy from here is another excellent advantage of investing your money in this place. It is essential that you build relationships with Japanese partners in order to learn all the insides that can help you start a business that will soon become profitable. However, once the relationships are made you can invest your money in any sector you want because Tokyo’ s economy is continuously growing, and people from here are opened to any new thing that might appear on the market.

The government made a few important promises for attracting foreign businesses to this country and those are:

-Acceptance of business jets at any local airport

-Removing all the language barriers

-Creating an educational environment for all expatriate children

-Improving the consultation services in order to show support to all foreign businesses

All the regulations that are related to starting a business in Japan cannot be simpler. All the steps you need to follow as an entrepreneur are without a doubt very easy and making all the papers will actually be piece of cake. Obtaining a business manager visa is not as complicated as it used to be in the past.

Keep in mind a very important detail, that all the foreign companies that are launching a business in any of the Special Zones for Asian Headquarters that this city has, will benefit from approved tax incentives. More than this, startups will be eligible to apply for TMG’s subsidy program for expenses.




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