Living in Tokyo Compared to Living in Dubai

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Moving to another city is without a doubt a big decision for anyone of us. Therefore, it is essential to analyze very well the entire situation, and the pros and cons of each option we have. We will discuss in this article about living in Tokyo compared to living in Dubai. These are two different locations with advantages and disadvantages at the same time, not to mention the possibilities they both offer in terms of business investment.

Therefore, if you really want to start a business then we strongly recommend you Tokyo and Dubai as well, as both these cities are continuously growing from the economical point of view. Furthermore, making the papers is easy in both locations.

When it comes to the cost of living statistics show that the cost of living in Tokyo is about the same as in Dubai with some small differences. For example, the food in Tokyo is 1% more expensive than in Dubai, housing in Tokyo is 8% cheaper than in Dubai, clothes in Tokyo are 31% cheaper than in Dubai, and transportation in Tokyo is 45% more expensive than in Dubai. In Dubai even the services of escorts are more expensive.

The medical system in Japan is actually internationally renowned for being extremely modern and efficient in services rendered to the public. The entire healthcare system is divided into two categories: National Health Insurance and Employee’s Health Insurance. National Insurance is for self-employed persons and those students who do not have Employee Insurance, whereas Health Insurance is some sort of workplace-based system in which the cost of the monthly premium is actually split between the employee and the employer.

On the other hand, in Dubai, the health insurance is mandatory for procuring a visa, so visitors know exactly what to expect when coming to the UAE. The health insurance costs can be broken down only for 3 plan types: inpatient only, inpatient + outpatient, and inpatient + outpatient + maternity.

Tokyo is a very busy city and it has a restricted amount of land available for housing, and the rents from here are quite high. The population density of this city is 2642 persons/km2, whereas in Dubai is under 600 persons/km2, making the land a great commodity, resulting in very high land prices and rental rates for foreigners in Tokyo than in Dubai.

We also want to talk about what these two cities have to offer in term of fun, as you will certainly need to relax and spend quality time with your friends in your free time. Tokyo and Dubai as well are two very beautiful cities where you can do lots of things. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, shopping centers, coffee shops, cinemas, and more. Due to the fact that Tokyo has a very modern infrastructure and you can actually take a high-speed train and get to a different place in a very short time we tend to like this city more than Dubai. Dubai also has a modern infrastructure but not at the high-level as Tokyo has. Therefore, if this detail is important to you then you should definitely go for Tokyo.

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