Interesting Facts about Asia

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Not only that Asia is an amazing continent with plenty of stunning places to see, but there are also some interesting facts about it which many people probably don’t know about. If we have already made you curious then continue to read this article.

The 14 tallest mountains in the world are located in Asia. They are called ‘’The Eight-Thousanders’’, and each of them is over 8,000 meters tall. Most of the highest Himalayan peaks are situated in Nepal. Therefore, if you are passionate about climbing or you just want to enjoy some stunning mountain landscapes, then Asia should be on your next holiday destination.

Japanese people are actually the second oldest people worldwide after the people of Monaco. The median age is 44.6, and around 50,000 individuals above 100 years of age are Japanese. The average lifespan in Japan is actually 86.6 years for women and 80.9 years for men.

Asia also has the most popular cities in the world. Shanghai is on the first place with more than 24 million people, followed by Chonging with a population of more than 30 million people. Not only that these cities have a big population but they are also known for their vibrant nightlife and plenty of amazing attractions.

Stunning Hong Kong has more than 8,000 skyscrapers, which is actually twice as much as in New York. North Korea has an average of only 12.2 mobile phones per 100 citizens, which is the second lowest mobile phone density in the world, after Cuba.

Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world. It is surrounded by the mountainous Russian region of Siberia and situated in the north of the Mongolian border. Furthermore, it is also considered to be the largest freshwater lake worldwide.

We must not forget about the Great Wall of China, which is actually marked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is the only human-built massive structure that can be seen from the space. Another interesting fact about Asia is that it shared 2 countries with Europe, and those are Russia and Turkey.

Also, did you know that the Mandarin Chinese language is the most spoken language in the entire world? There are more than one billion native speakers. The smallest mammal can be found in Thailand. It is called bumblebee bat.

Other interesting facts about this amazing continent are:

– The biggest single flower in the world which is called Rafflesia Arnoldii it grows in Southeast Asia, in the rainforests, and it can weigh up to 12 kilograms.

-Thailand has over 1,500 species of orchids which are exported all over the world. Due to this fact, the country is considered the top orchid exporter in the world.

-The world’s largest cave can be found in Vietnam, and it is called Son Doong. It is absolutely gorgeous.

-The first university and the oldest one as well was established in India, and it was called ‘’Takshashila’’.

-The word ‘’Asia’’ means ‘’sunrise’’ and it is actually used as a female name.

-Believe it or not, Asia is the birthplace of the oldest civilizations all over the world.











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